Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is the most effective treatment modality for many types of skin cancers, particularly basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas of the face, scalp, neck, hands, and legs. The cure rate with this technique approaches 98% while minimizing the amount of tissue that is removed and optimizing the cosmetic outcome.

  • Mohs surgery is performed under local anesthesia in the office. The skin cancer is removed in a layer-by-layer fashion with a high degree of precision. Each layer is carefully identified and mapped by the Mohs surgeon so the tumor’s exact location can be pinpointed on the skin and correlated with microscopic findings.
  • After careful preparation in the laboratory, the Mohs surgeon inspects each tissue layer under the microscope. If it is clear, no more tissue is further removed. If cancerous tissue remains, the Mohs surgeon removes another layer on the specific area where the tumor is detected, and then examines the sample under the microscope again. this process is repeated until the last microscopic examination shows no remaining cancer cells.
  • The treated area is then surgically repaired by the Mohs surgeon. Depending on the size, shape, depth and location of the tumor, a linear repair, flap or graft may be performed. Mohs surgeons are experts in facial reconstructive surgery and pay careful attention to providing the best functional and cosmetic results.
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